Ragnar Napa Valley Teaser

I don’t know where to begin. How do I describe the experience? 205 miles doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Ragnerds, help me out by commenting on your favorite Ragnar moment while I collect my thoughts and post a full race review.

If you ever have the opportunity to run a Ragnar relay, do it! It’s an adventure that you will NEVER forget!


One thought on “Ragnar Napa Valley Teaser

  1. I had a hard time thinking of my favorite Ragnar moment because we had so many so I thought I’d supply my interpretation/recap instead.
    Unexpectedly trickery was played upon me by my lovely work colleague to participate in this relay race amongst the grapes. The opportunity was expressed to me in colorful language with emphasis on “fun.” I took the invite not really having a single clue as to what I was getting my “I can barely run 3.1 mile self” into and was more focused on the excitement of doing a girl’s trip. Throughout the weeks building up to the race I wasn’t able to get a grasp on what this weekend would look like or exactly how it would play out, but nonetheless I tried my best to prepare for it by asking a million unanswered questions. Ha ha ha. When I finally got there and really got to see what I was running I almost died inside! Me do that?? These girls must be insane!! I kept saying in my head “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!” But I didn’t!

    I am happy I partook in this adventure because it was remarkable. Being in a van of 6, 3 being strangers to me, paid no matter as we all instantly became family amongst the California roads. There were so many hilarious moments of laughter, tears from laughter, gas, bloating, desperate bathroom breaks, uncle fester look-a-like, fancy apple eater, delirium, van 2 van 2 van 2, learning about kills, shriveled raisins, and so many more. But my favorite moment was right before my first leg. I felt nervous, queazy stomach, and felt instant camaraderie amongst a new family that was currently developing, The Ragnerds, aka badasses. As I was running it I thought how insane this was but how I need to make good timing since it was our first run. I ran by gorgeous homes, coffee shops, boutiques, and cool businesses that created a community of comfort and beauty. The time in between the legs were full of reflection, laughter, and coaching of how to recover and prepare for the next leg. My 2nd leg was really unique as my insane teammate, Ellen, decided to run it with me! She is CRAZY!! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. She helped me keep my pace and for the first time I ran more than a 5K, but instead ran a 10K. There was something peaceful about running through the night with glowing lights in the distance as runners make their way to the exchange. Nothing but street lights, darkness, and the steps of 4 feting defined for a good finish.

    This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life and I’m so happy Cristina presented the idea with smiles and laughter because the whole dirty trip was full of em. Thanks van 2 for being to most thrilling events in my life.

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