Thanksgiving in Oklahoma!

Good Morning from Oklahoma!photo (35)Brent and I celebrated Thanksgiving in Oklahoma (smack in the middle of America) with Brent’s side of the family. Brent’s dad David, an enthusiastic Restless Runner reader requested an Oklahoma running review. I didn’t do much running, mostly resting and eating. It was much needed! 

Brent and I did wake up early on Thanksgiving morning to run the Edmond Turkey Trot 5K. It was 27 degrees, INSANELY cold for weak Californian. Shorts and a thin long sleeve didn’t quite do the job. My fingers were SO FROZEN. I managed a smile in the pictures above, but my race motto was “I’m freezing. I can’t feel my legs.” Because I didn’t make it to track on Tuesday night, I took it as a hard tempo run. I finished in just over 20 minutes. Not a PR but I did manage to place, and Brent insisted on wearing my race medal all day. Check him out below. He ran a strong effort, averaging under 7 minute miles. We probably should have dressed like the people in the pictures. gloves and pants.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 7.09.42 AMThe Thanksgiving spread at the Lowry house was top notch. I was introduced to Corn Casserole. Much like Green Bean Casserole but with corn and ritz crackers. I couldn’t stop eating it, which made sense when Cary gave me the recipe. The topping is ritz crackers coated with a stick of butter. I love that she didn’t find the recipe on Pinterest, but it’s written on a family recipe card.

photo (51) Whenever Brent and I are in Oklahoma we like to run in Mitch Park. It’s a 2.75 mile loop (I wish they would just round it up to 3 miles). The loop is fairly flat, but super windy. I love the trees, a nice change of pace from my beach route in LA. We ran 4 miles at Mitch Park on Friday morning before heading to breakfast. Cary then treated me to a mani, pedi and massage. AHHH it was amazing. My poor calves were so tight. Thank you Cary! We then went out for sushi before going to the Thunder Game downtown. After the game Ross, Brent and I went out for drinks and appetizers in Bricktown. My beer snob self was very impressed with the selection at TapWerks Ale House.

mitchMitchParkMapBrent and I planned on running this morning, but are drinking coffee (with awesome Italian Sweet Cream), watching the news and hanging out with family before we fly back to LA instead. You can’t let running take over your life. Soon it will be back to work, back to reality, back to the grind. Oklahoma, we’ll see you soon!

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Photos of the Week, Slooshing Stomach + Last Week’s Runs

One of Revel Canyon City Half Marathon best race perks is that all their photos can be downloaded for free. No screenshots with the proof image below. I used this app to make a collage of race pics on my phone. Did I mention this was a net downhill course?

photo 1

Random running issue of the week, one thing that often bothers me while I am running is a sloshing stomach. Funny thing is it only happens on Saturday or Sunday runs. I thought it was over-hydrating right before but after a bit more research discovered my delicious coffee is causing the problem. It doesn’t hurt or anything, but it’s LOUD. Ellen and Kathy always comment on the noise. Do I give up my morning coffee to stop the sloshing noise? Meh, I’m drinking hazelnut coffee while I type, and I’m about to go to run club. Sorry guys.


I haven’t made stuffed squash since 2011Last week I got a Kuri Squash in my Farm Box so I stuffed it with quinoa, sausage and parmesan. It was so so so good. I cooked the squash for a good hour before filling it and cooking it some more. The squash was so buttery. Click on the photo for the recipe!

photo 2

Last week Ellen and I took advantage of the Massage Envy complementary leg massages. I have a terrible shorts tan. Found this pic on facebook.

photo 5

This week we ran a lot in PE. Here are the fifth grade racing finalists!

photo 4

Have I mentioned how much I love oatmeal? Chocolate, banana, blueberries, sunflower seed butter, cinnamon and a sprinkle of granola.

photo 3

Here’s what I ran last week:

  • Monday: Four Mile Run with Back on My Feet
  • Tuesday: Track Workout with RunMDR (3 x 300, 2 x 400, 2 x 800, 2 x 400, 8 strides) -My legs were TIRED.
  • Wednesday: Four Mile Run with Back on My Feet
  • Thursday: Off. Went to Happy Hour and to go see Mockingjay with Brent, Alaina and Jared
  • Friday: Six Mile Run (Watchless and first alone run in FOREVER)
  • SaturdayWestridge Trail Run with RunMDR
  • Sunday: Leaving in 20 minutes. Planning on two loops with Lululemon!

Originally Brianna, Marta, Ellen and I had talked about running Westridge Trail on Saturday. We had to reschedule because of friends being in town, sickness, the USC/UCLA game so I decided to run with Run MDR, and where do we go?! Westridge! It was beautiful, and I can’t wait to go back with the girls. Brianna, I am so jealous of your weekday trail runs. Can you please write a blog post on your favorite trail runs in the city? This is my official request.

photo (49)

Yup, that’s the ocean.

photo (33)

Ahh LA in November.

Revel Canyon City Half Marathon Race Review

photo (48)

Ellen and I ran the Inaugural Revel Canyon City Half Marathon on Saturday and WOW it was amazing! I was not so secretly (what’s the point of keeping a running goal secret? Who cares if you don’t make it?) hoping to break 1:30, but the thought of running a 6:50 average seemed impossible. I texted Gisele, my running friend/mentor/guru the night before saying “6:50. There is NO way.” Her response, “Go watchless.” I ALMOST took the advice. I wore my watch but rather than obsessing over it I started with the 1:30 pace group for the first 7ish miles and was flattered when the pacer looked at me and said, “You really need to be ahead of me right now.” So a new friend I met in the pack (we were all talking as a group the first 7 miles which calmed my nerves and made it feel more like a training run) said he would push the pace with me. He told me not to look at my watch and just run. We made our way down to Azusa (yes, this is a net downhill next goal is to run this time on a flat or hilly course) and we kept talking most of the way (the last two miles hurt so I didn’t really talk) and when I turned the corner and saw the finisher clock at 1:27 I thought “Ohhhhh myyyy gooodnesss.” Never did I imagine I would EVER run a half this fast. My final time was 1:27:33, averaging a 6:41. I finished first in my age group and was awarded with a box of yummy powerbar chocolate wafer treats. All the other runners ahead of me were older, which makes me hope my best running years are ahead of me! Ellen also had an awesome race, finishing 2nd in our age group with 1:34:44. She’s getting SOOOO FAST! We’re going to ROCK the LA Charity Half! The race was so well organized, and it was fun to run so close to LA but to feel completely way from it all in the mountains. I am definitely running another Revel event in the future.


Not my pic 🙂 Stole it from facebook!

Thinking of running this race next year?


  • Fast course
  • Point to point finish
  • Choose your size t-shirts
  • Headbands, pre-race blankets and gloves
  • Easy parking and shuttle to the start
  • BEAUTIFUL mountain course
  • Lots of pacers
  • Post race massages
  • FREE photos and race time cards
  • Easy transfers if you’re unable to run the race


  • Course did not allow for many spectators
  • Quads and knees might hurt if you aren’t used to downhill courses
  • A few hills in there that surprised me!
  • I made friends and talked the whole run, but it had potential to be a lonely race
  • Bag check truck was late and was apparently stuck in the canyon. We waited about 20 minutes. It honestly didn’t bother me but some people seemed annoyed.
  • Might be an intimidating crowd if you are new to running. Mostly serious runners.

Here’s what I ran last week:

  • Monday: Three Mile Run with Back on My Feet
  • Tuesday: Four Mile Run with Brent and Two Miles at 6:48
  • Wednesday: Three Mile Run
  • Thursday: Three Mile Run
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Canyon City Half Marathon
  • Sunday: I’ll probably only end up doing a lap at Lulu 🙂