Quick Update from The Restless Runner

Christmas in Michigan was the best. Ahhh, it was so nice to be home with the four sisters, drinking coffee and watching the today show, eating tamales, shopping at the mall, and making family trips to the gym. Colby and Miles were also SO much fun to play with. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being an aunt!


It was warm for December in Michigan, so Marta and I were able to run outside twice. It was weird not to see any snow.


Brent and I flew to Dallas on Saturday to see his Mom. This morning I squeezed in a quick run before heading to visit his Grandparents. Boston training officially started today. Good ole Hal Higdon will be helping me out again. This is what my life will look like until April 20th. Any other Boston runners out there? What plan are you using? Is this enough mileage?


I’m reading a bunch of educational leadership books for my new job. I start on January 5th! Reason 1000 you should be a runner, according to Daniel H. Pink in Drive. Runners are GRITTY. I also find it fascinating how many teachers in the inner-city are runners too. Coincidence?


More from me on New Years Day! Goals, new job, and full Christmas Recap!

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