Make Ahead Meals + Notes from Long Run #5

I get anxious when I look at my Boston Marathon training plan. There is just no way I can get all the recommended mileage in during the week. I am doing the best I can, but 6:45 AM is the absolute latest I can get to work  and 5:15 PM is the absolute earliest I can leave on top of a 30-40 minute commute to and from work makes ten mile mid-week runs impossible. Ellen and I also recently took a crazy pledge. We never want to turn into obsessive and unhealthy runners, and running anytime before 5 AM is definitely creeping into crazy territory. I’m also not going to get home at 6:30 PM and head out for a 10-12 mile run, sacrificing time with Brent. Over the past few weeks I played around with my new schedule, and am loving the following:

Monday: Back On My Feet (usually 4 easy miles) Tuesday: RunMDR Track Wednesday: OFF Thursday: 5-6 miles either before or after work depending on if there is a happy hour 🙂  Friday: Back On My Feet (4 more easy miles)

Yasso 800s at Track, Back On My Feet Route from Monday and Today's Long Run

Yasso 800s at Track, Back On My Feet Route from Monday and Today’s Long Run

No, I’m not getting crazy mileage in, but it feels good and is a balance of running with other people and on my own. I still, however, am working on ANY way to give me more time during the week. Even if I’m not running after work when I get home at 6:30 PM after being at work for 12 hours, all I want to do is relax. I absolutely love cooking, but I don’t have the energy to start from scratch. I’m also not willing to sacrifice with boring fast meals. Lately I’ve been getting into Sunday meal prepping. It’s super fun and makes my week run much more smoothly. I was inspired by Andrea, Alaina’s childhood best friend, who I’ve only met once, but it feels like I’ve known her for years. She works for Lululemon. Her hours are insane, but she still finds time to run and do yoga. Meal prep has helped her manage her weeks. It’s also fun to go crazy in the kitchen Sunday afternoon, having multiple meals being prepped at the same time and go to bed Sunday night with a freezer and fridge worth of food ready to go. So here’s how meal prep works.

Warning: It’s about to get very A-type.

1. I set my meals for the week. Brent always cooks Tuesday night so that dinner is ready when I come home from track. This week he made Sweet Potato Enchiladas, one of our favorites. We always have leftovers which is GREAT for lunch! We usually go out once or twice a week too. I usually pick meals from my pinterest page, bookmarked stuff I find online, my recipe-free favorites. Oh and stealing rev foods, that refers to eating student lunches. They’re actually pretty good! Chicken Bites on Friday were a hit, and their tamales awesome. The kids love them, and our kids KNOW good tamales.

photo (6)2. I email Brent and myself all the ingredients/our regular grocery items and divide the list in half with what Brent’s getting and what I’m getting to cut down on time at the grocery store.

3. We wash all the produce when we get home so that it’s ready to use, and I start cooking. I  also like to bake chocolate banana bread and slice it up and put portions in the freezer for easy snacks.

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve made over the past two weeks.  I’m not a huge recipe follower. I like looking at recipes for ideas, but usually adjust so that I don’t have to buy 100000 ingredients. I also like to sneak in veggies wherever I can. Click on the pictures for a link to the recipe I got my inspiration from.

photo 4

Moroccan Butternut Squash Soup

photo 3

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread 

photo 2

Chorizo Stuffed Poblanos

photo 1

Goats Cheese Spinach Lasagna Rolls-No Recipe


Asparagus Pistachio Mint Pesto

photo 1 (1)

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough (I always have it ready to go in the freezer, toppings, 12 minutes in the oven and BOOM, awesome meal)

So what about breakfast? Well I learned last week I still hate smoothies. I’d rather eat a huge salad. It looked so pretty in my mason jar, but ugh so disgusting. I’ve been sticking to my oatmeal deliciousness but preparing it in a jar and eating it at work while checking my email and before the kids arrive. Gives me a few more snoozes/time to run in the morning if I need to.

The banana and blueberries did NOT cover up the kale taste.

The banana and blueberries did NOT cover up the kale taste.

Oatmeal, Banana, Berries, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chips, Cinnamon, Sprinkle of Granola=YUM!

Oatmeal, Banana, Berries, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chips, Cinnamon, Sprinkle of Granola=YUM!

So there you have it! Time to start pinteresting to get ideas for this week. Any ideas? Woah, this is turning into the LONGEST post ever. I’ll make my running notes brief.

Friday Dinner: Indian Food. Was nervous how that would turn out, but it was fine. I think I got lucky. Probably not something I’ll risk before a long run again 🙂

Friday Sleep: 8 hours. Glorious. Amazing. Wonderful. Didn’t get good sleep all week.

Pre-Run Breakfast: PB&J and some water.

Post-Run SnackOATMEAL BOWL!!!

Long Run Fuel: Honey Stinger Pink Lemonade Chews. I like these!!!! Finally a chew I like!!! Tasty and no stomach issues yet.

Long Run Hydration: NOTHING. We didn’t pass any water fountains. Woops.

Long Run Outfit: Lululemon shorts, cotton race t-shirt, target sports bra, cheap socks, headband.

How Did It Feel: Today felt AMAZING. Loved running with Marta, Ellen, Alex and Lauren. Such a great group of people. We ran up Oakmont in Brentwood so the first five miles were uphill, and the last 10 were flatter. I’m feeling more confident. I’m so used to running in the heat, that today’s mid 60s felt really nice. I wasn’t counting down the miles.

Other Notes: Marta, Ellen and I were talking about how we would be such speedsters if we ran in cooler climates. Why do we always run such hot races!?

Time to get the day going. I’m appreciative of the cloudier weather. Excuse to be lazy and sit on the couch. Tonight Brent and I are heading to Geoffrey’s in Malibu for dinner at sunset. Woo hoo!


3 thoughts on “Make Ahead Meals + Notes from Long Run #5

  1. I’m in the Boston area and our area is no good for winter running either! Snow and ice on all the sidewalks and running paths, and more snow on the way. There has to be a happy medium somewhere 🙂 Although I must say, I agree with you about the temperature. I love cold weather running (20’s is my happy place), but only if the surfaces are nice and clear! Keep up the great work with your training and hope all the snow is gone by April 🙂

  2. Thanks Sherilyn 🙂 I’m a Michigan girl so I know what it’s like! The hardest part is finding a cleared path. And you’re right, the high 20s and 30s are refreshing and wonderful once you get going. Good luck with your running too!

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