ClassPass Reviews: Part 2

Another week, another round of ClassPass reviews, and another set of sore muscles I never knew existed. This whole ClassPass thing is super fun and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to try the many studios LA has to offer, but the logistics are kinda exhausting. Figuring out parking, getting to the studio early and having dead time, getting there too late and rushing. I’m still new to this so I imagine over time you get into a groove and have your favorite spots it gets easier to manage. I’ve really enjoyed switching up my workout routine, but the experience makes me appreciate the ease of running. You’re on your schedule, you decide how long you want to workout and it’s FREE. That being said, it’s been a fun week of ClassPassing. Here’s where I went…

Rise NationFullSizeRender (13) FullSizeRender (11)


  • High intensity and only 30 minutes. No time to get bored.
  • Super friendly staff. They were so welcoming!
  • They offer a free first class on top of the ClassPass deal.
  • It’s fun to try something totally different. Not your average spin, yoga, barre class.
  • Another alkaline water studio.
  • Apparently there is a patio to relax upstairs. Wish I knew this before!


  • Pairs well with a run, walk or hike. Yes, you use new muscles and are exhausted at the end (if you don’t cheat with resistance), but it’s only 30 minutes.
  • No free parking.

Naam Yoga: Bollypop DanceNaamYoga_VERTICAL_Twitter


  • SO FUN!!!!! You can’t help but smile the entire time. Loved going with Alaina, Cecilia and Brianne.
  • The instructor, Aakansha, is so welcoming and enthusiastic. She really puts you at ease.
  • Mix of bollywood and hip hop.
  • Easy parking across the street with first 90 minutes free.
  • Tea in the waiting area.
  • Huge room with plenty of space to get your groove on.


  • Not the most intense workout. Great for an easy day.
  • You can’t be shy.
  • Santa Monica traffic 😦


Pure Barre


  • You end up using muscles you’ve never used before. You’re legs will shake like woah.
  • Love the arm sequence.
  • Good music selection.
  • You don’t leave too sweaty, so it’s a great option if you have to rush somewhere after class.
  • Beautiful location in Santa Monica close to the beach.


  • Kinda boring. I was watching the clock the whole time and a lot of the exercises I felt like I could do in my living room while watching netflix.
  • Not the most welcoming staff. Kinda has a too cool for school vibe.
  • The instructor hovered around me a little TOO much. Yes, I want adjustments but every time makes me feel like an idiot, especially when you’re saying the instructions over your mic and it’s obvious to everyone I’ve never been here before.
  • I would have liked more options if you’re super tight. I can’t even come close reaching forward to touch my toes so I just kinda sat there. 


Hustle and Flow: Cycling


  • Love a good cycle class. It’s the most like running to me. It’s fun pushing myself on the bike.
  • Easy parking and close to home for me.
  • A super chill feel, not intimidating like Soulcyle or Cyclehouse.


  • It was kinda hard to hear the instructor. There were times I didn’t know whether to sprint or not. Ended up sprinting a lot, but hey, at least it was a good workout.
  • The bathroom situation wasn’t great. No changing room, just two stalls.
  • Wasn’t a huge fan of our instructor. She was kinda all over the place and seemed a little stressed.

Red Diamond YogaRed Diamond Yoga


  • Lindsey, our instructor, was such a great teacher. She was so Equitastic! Her language promoted a growth mindset and encouraged us to embrace challenge while being gentle and easy on ourselves. She was encouraging, always telling us we were doing a great job, and wasn’t annoying or preachy. She said things like “Find calm through the discomfort,” “You are strong,” and “Don’t be afraid to fall. Be glad you took on the challenge.” I know I am overanalyzing, but one of the things I love about attending classes is being a student and having a teacher. Helps me in the work I do.
  • The space was beautiful. Cooling towels for after class, restrooms with supplies and mouthwash, nice changing rooms.
  • Easy parking.
  • Variety of classes.


  • Not super close to home or work for me.
  • Can’t think of anything else. Loved the studio!

Hope you had a happy Memorial Day!

3 thoughts on “ClassPass Reviews: Part 2

  1. Love all of your reviews! I agree–it’s hard to go to a new class not knowing about parking etc, which is why I created my blog!
    Rise Nation is one of my favorites–the lights are so cool and the patio is amazing!!! Maybe we’ll run into each other!

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