They say being grateful leads to a happiness. Studies suggest that those who regularly express their gratitude sleep better, get along better with others, are physically healthier, and achieve more. At Equitas Academy #3 we don’t simply teach our scholars to say thank you, but we work with them to reflect on all positive they have in their life. On Sunday evenings as I’m getting ready for the week I reflect on my goals from the previous week, set goals for the upcoming week, and identify something I am especially grateful for. Here is what’s been on the list lately.

I’m grateful for Playa del Rey. I love my easy-going beach community.


I’m grateful for my school. I love going to work, I love the teachers I work with, and I’m thankful for our supportive families. I finally feel like I’ve found my home in education.

I’m grateful for watchless November! Although it’s starting to drive me crazy running aimlessly with no goal, I know it’s good for me 🙂

I’m grateful for Brent. He is so supportive of my career, my goals, loves to travel, shares my love for my family. I’m so lucky to have him! 

I’m grateful for PRs in the marathon, 10K, and half marathon this year. I’m ready for more, but I’m not sure how many PR years I have left in me so I’m soaking it in while I can. I’m also thankful for enjoying the journey with my running buddies.


I’m grateful for my best friend, Alaina. I wouldn’t where I’m at in my career right now without her.

I’m grateful for my Godson, Colby. I love him so much! img_0529.png

I’m grateful for my sisters. They’re all so successful and such strong role models.


I’m grateful for my parents. I hope to raise my kids in the way they raised me.


At times I feel undeserving of everything I’ve been given in life. I aspire to serve others in the way I’ve been served. What are you most thankful for this year?


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