My Non-Running World

We celebrated Brent’s 32nd birthday at Providence, the # 1 Jonathan Gold restaurant. Yeah, it wasn’t cheap but was quite the experience. The salmon, sashimi, scallops, wagyu beef, uni egg, ahhhh it felt like I was eating art. We went with the Signature+Seasonal Tasting Menu. Definitely could not have handled the 11 course Chef’s Menu. That doesn’t include the freshly baked bread, four amuse-bouche, macarons +chocolates, and to-go apple-cinnamon muffins for breakfast they provide to all guests.

Oh Equitas Academy #3, how I love you.

The Equitas holiday party last Friday at X Lanes in Little Tokyo was so much fun. Bowling, arcade games, karaoke, and Mexican food. That was the Mexican food that fueled me for the Christmas Run, and surprisingly didn’t cause any issues.

We’re field tripping to Loyola Marymount on Friday, so Alaina and I went Sunday to plan our walking tour. Beautiful campus on a beautiful day.

Advent Calendar is still going strong. Yesterday as part of “Act of Kindness Day” Alaina and I surprised staff with Starbucks cards in random locations, and covered breakfast and lunch duty on our own, Bert and Ernie style.

Alaina and I made a sand snowman this weekend. Oh winter in LA.


Looks better than it tasted 😦FullSizeRender_1

Saturday night we went to Lanita’s show in Santa Monica. I’m not a concert kinda person, but I LOVE watching Lanita live. She is so talented and her single came out last week.

And I’ll leave you with this. One of the many things I love about running is competing with myself. With this new training plan from The Runner’s Plate I’m challenging myself to train smarter. I’m excited to see how much growth I make with Michelle!


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