Holiday Happenings

It’s the greatest time of the year. December has been filled with so much fun. We took our kindergarteners to Loyola Marymount University to give them their first taste of college. Running around the lawn was the best part.      I do my best thinking while I’m running. Last week during our 12 mile weekend run Ellen and I talked about what we were getting our colleagues. I went with bento boxes filled with candies.

I’m proud of myself for having the patience and disciple to bake 5 dozen cookies on Monday night. It took over 3 hours. Brent pointed out I could have run a marathon in the time I took to bake cookies. I’m not as intense as Alaina. She prepped the dough and made closer to 10 dozen. They were a hit at school.

Tuesday morning school was cancelled due to a bomb threat. We had to call parents and send students home, THEN the garage to our parking decided to stop working. Dynamic duo saved the day.


It was Spirit Week at school. Check out these cuties on Career Day.


And workout Wednesday. I rocked the Boston jacket. Don’t get much use out of it.


Alaina dressed up as a chef for career day, and cooked me the BEST lunch. Brown rice noodles, napa cabbage, green onions, avocado and sweet chili dressing.

And this is our awesome parent committee president.   
This week we had a bomb threat, a lockdown on Thursday morning, and a fire drill on Friday. We’re safe with Ms. Pariano and the fanny pack.

Oh, we also lost power this week. It’s been a strange week. Finishing the movie tomorrow.

We celebrated the start of winter break with some Playa Provisions cocktails.

Did some intervals on Ballona Creek.Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 4.36.57 PM

And I can’t believe I ACTUALLY LIKED STAR WARS! I haven’t seen the other movies, but Brent and Jared gave me the 30 minute summary on the way over to Universal Studios this morning. We went to the 9AM 3D IMAX movie. Brent loves chicken tenders and popcorn for breakfast 🙂

And we’re off to Malibu for holiday party 3 of the week. Then it’s Texas, Oklahoma, and Cancun!

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