Rest Days, Fartleks+Fast Finish

It wouldn’t be Sunday afternoon without a little blogging. El Niño has finally made an appearance in California. We’re in desperate need of rain, so we welcome the wet weather. Los Angeles is beautiful regardless. Check out the clouds on my Friday evening seven mile run.

I’m loving having someone write my training plan. For years I’ve had pretty much the same routine. Easy Monday, track Tuesday, off Wednesday, tempo Thursday, 5 at 5 on Friday, long Saturday, and Lululemon run club on Sunday. I’m enjoying challenging myself with new workouts, and feel like the plan has me work smarter not necessarily longer and harder. Monday I had a 8 mile run with 3 x 8 minutes tempo. It was a wet mess outside, so I ran on the treadmill which was SO mentally challenging. I hate the treadmill, especially for speed work because I feel like I am going to fall off, but it makes me appreciate running outside SO much. Wednesday I ran a fartlek run with some fast bursts, and Saturday I ran 14 miles with a fast finish. Ellen, Lauren and I ran an easy conversational 8:30-8:45 pace, we then planned a four mile route to finish at our meeting spot (Ocean Ave + Alta) and took off. It’s amazing how quickly you can go from nice and easy to fast mode. Yes, mile 14 had a slight elevation loss, but I was still super excited to be running a 6:14 at the end of the long run. 

Tuesday was my rest day. I feel like runners don’t respect the rest day enough. We hate it, and try to make ourselves busy by staying at work late, going to yoga, going on a hike or a long walk. We aren’t good at resting. Tuesday I came home, was in my sweats by 5:30 and just sat around the entire evening. I watched Clueless on Netflix and started Making a Murderer (I still prefer Serial, but it’s definitely worth watching). To be honest, having a full on rest day with no evening plans and Brent staying late at work was kinda boring. I went to bed really early, but my running felt strong the rest of the week and I wonder if pure rest and laziness on Tuesday helped.

A few more of my recent kitchen adventures. Sticking to the resolution. Chili, black bean+spinach tacos with the mole I made last weekend, and lentil bolognese with spaghetti squash.

This morning I also switched things up by going to yoga at The Yoga Collective in Venice with a bunch of Equitas friends. Years back Alaina and I took classes with Jackie here at a tiny studio in Playa. Jackie was just starting her yoga career, and it was often just us two in her class. She was so good at differentiating for our needs, something we really appreciate as educators 🙂  Since then Jackie has become a popular yoga instructor in LA. We were so excited to be reunited with her again!  yogacollectivestudio-1

And you can’t be in Venice during brunch hours and NOT go to Gjusta. Today I tried the bialy egg sandwich. We went to Blue Star Donuts afterwards. Got the old fashioned and maple bacon for Brent and I.



Sunday evenings feel very different now that I don’t experience that Sunday night “I don’t want to go to school” anxiety. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind sleeping in a little bit, I would love to take a lunch break and go out with my colleagues, and I’m always always envious people who can run before work, but I actually have fun at work, and LOVE what I do. What a strange concept. 

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