Long Run Notes + Weekend Happenings

Yesterday’s run was a major confidence boost. I knew if 20 with a fast final 4 felt good, Ellen and I were on the right track with our training for Vancouver and Boston. Our legs had plenty of miles heading into this workout, and busting out a 7:08 average for the final 4 miles gave me quite the runners high. Ellen ran about a 7:30/7:45ish for the final 4 and she made it look easy. Having a training buddy makes this so much more fun!

img_3615.jpegMy garmin decided to poop out on me at mile 18, so my nike app came to the rescue for the final 2 miles. I had to know what my fast finish pace was, and being the crazy person I am I manually added the two miles and the time to my garmin app. Only slightly OCD. 

We should probably be better about hydrating on our long runs. I think we’re used to running in crazy heat, so when it’s “only” 70ish we don’t worry too much about where we’re gonna get water. Thank you Brentwood resident for your water 🙂 

After some refueling with Kreation’s Omega Bowl, Brent and I went to Downtown LA to go to Escape Room with a few friends. Essentially you get thrown in a room with 10 people, and have 50 minutes to escape. Our room was called The Cavern and was an archeological dig theme, and we had to solve puzzles and clues that would eventually lead to our escape from the room. The room has a 10% escape rate, so it’s tough. We didn’t make it in time, but we were so close that they let us finish before leaving the room even though time was up. Will definitely be back for this again. We ended up getting drinks on Spring Street Downtown after. Downtown is so much more vibrant that it was when I first moved to LA in 2007.

This morning Ellen, Marta, and I hit up Rise Nation and Hip-Hop Yoga at Y7. Y7 helps me beat yoga boredom. Its got a 60 minute fast-paced and consistent routine. It starts with a warm-up, then three flows first done at a slow pace, then with one breath per movement, and last flowing to a song. They sprinkle in some ab work, and finish with a cool down. Today was Beyonce day but my favorite was a few weeks back when they had TLC vs. Destiny’s Child. After a 60+ mileage week I know I needed some yoga in my life.Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 4.42.37 PM.png

I can’t really sit still, so I went home for a quick lunch then headed out to Abbott Kinney for a Sunday stroll. Acai Food Truck. Only in LA.

Carly and I are bonding this weekend. I’m taking care of her while Jared and Alaina run around Vegas. And I can’t not post photos of our EQ3 kiddos. Two faves from science family night and morning work in Mrs. Lowry’s office.img_3606

Ok. No time to edit. Time for the Oscars!

Twenty Awaits! 

Saturday I’m running my first twenty mile run of the training season. If only it was JUST a twenty mile run. A twenty mile Saturday usually means a pretty intense week leading up. Marathon training is all about learning to run fast on worn out legs. This week Michelle is having me run a double run, an 11 tempo with 40 minutes at 10K pace, and lots of easy miles. If only it was an easy week at school. Of course not. After-school meetings Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday a Board Meeting till 8. Not sure how I’ll get all the runs in, but I’m taking Andrea’s advice of going on day at a time. My double run for the week is done. It’s tomorrow’s 11 tempo I’m most nervous about. And if I wanted to run it before school I’d have to start running at 4am. I think I’ll be running after my meeting 🙂

Back to Michelle, she wrote a great post this weekend on not taking easy runs too fast. Check it out! My legs are also tired from a weekend of CELEBRATING ALAINA! Six miles early Saturday morning, twelve hours of Disneyland, and fifteen on Sunday. My legs are getting ready for a marathon.

Alaina’s Birthday weekend was a HUGE success! We successfully surprised her with Kellie coming from Seattle (check out the reveal photo above) and Andrea from Vancouver (her surprise from a closet is above). It was fun being kids for a day and running around the happiest place on earth. Poor Marta was sick with the flu so she couldn’t come. Alaina being the Disney enthusiast she is will probably take Marta for her own personal Disney day. 
We brunched on Sunday after Disney and the fifteen mile run we brunched at Love + Salt in Manhattan Beach. Below is what I call avocado toast. SO not boring, and a perfect recovery meal. Bread, eggs, avocado, salty olives. The restaurant is highly recommended. They were so accommodating to our group of 12, didn’t rush us, and the food was perfect for an Alaina celebration. Italian with Cali inspiration, best enjoyed family style. 

Rosemary English Muffins. Erica ordered these with a side of avocado. Genius.

I stole these photos of the donuts, mushroom pizza, and nutella toast. I was too busy samplying them to take photos. gallery_bombolini_20-_20Love_20__20Salt_20small.jpg


I’m so annoyed for not getting a photo of Andrea, Ellen and I running. Fifteen miles fly by with great company and good conversation. We even determined which one of us was Desi, Shalane, and Cragg. Dork alert. Here is our route and stats. We kept it nice and conversational. The way I like my long runs. FullSizeRender (90).jpg

And a few more photos I’d like for my blog (aka personal journal)…

Their writing is coming such a long way!

    It doesn’t get more Cali than this…

Three Amigos crossing the finish line together.


Ahhh I would love if I could earn the time on the clock on my own. Ellen and I do make a speedy team 🙂


Wish me luck this week. I’ll need it!

LA Marathon Relay 2016 Race Review

What a fun running weekend! Nothing like Olympic Trials to get you pumped up for a race. This morning Marta, Brianna, and Sarah ran the full. Ellen and I ran the charity relay for City of Hope, she started the race and I took us to the finish. This was the first year Skechers sponsored the race, so I’m excited to fill you in on the experience! Here we are at the start. My eyes look tiny. I look like I slept 2 hours because of my dumb stuffy nose.

LA’s course is amazing. It’s the BEST way to tour LA. Start at Dodger Stadium and end at the ocean. The only part that is no fun is Century City and West LA. Ugh…those miles drag.

This is slightly out of order, but after Ellen and I finished we went back to cheer for our friends. Here we are with Marta…I guess technically not a friend, a sister :)… taking her across the finish! Marta ran a smart race. I’m so proud of her. She was nursing some injuries, so took the race easy…which honestly is often harder than pushing yourself. It’s hard not to let endorphins push you faster than you should. I loved crossing the finish line (again) with my two best running buddies! Ran into Jim at the start. He flew in from NY for the marathon. Missing the 5 degree weather for some 80 degree running! We worked together at Campus Information Centers at Michigan.

After dropping the girls off, I rushed to the half way point to find a parking spot and get warmed up a little bit. With racing there is ALWAYS a random emergency. This time it was no hair tie. Had to make a quick CVS stop.

Ellen ran a half PR, finishing her half of the race in 1:36. SO FAST! I took off here on Sunset and Ogden.

My plan was to sub 1:30, but I had a dumb cold and cough this week so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it. I also had some failed tempo runs, so I wasn’t super confident. I went out there and 6:45 just felt super comfortable. I felt great the whole time. No balls to the walls racing today, just a strong effort. Boston is the goal race so I didn’t want to go crazy. I need to work on middle miles. I doubt myself so much then bust out fast miles at the end. I also want to publicly apologize to runners who had to deal with me blowing my nose throughout the course. I was a snotty mess with bunches of paper towels in my pockets.

The second half of the course.

Nothin like finishing on Ocean Avenue. Bri finished the race in 3:38. 4 minute PR for her!
Yay! Another LA in the books! Too bad I look disgusting in this photo. I poured 3 water bottles on my head to keep me from overheating.

We went back to cheer for Sarah who finished her FIRST marathon! She killed it! Just started running 6 months ago!

We ran the last mile with her. It was so inspirational watching her push herself to her limit. She kept repeating “I can do anything for 15 minutes. I can do anything for 15 minutes.” Sarah can forever say she is a marathon runner. So incredible. 

Post race festivities consisted of Gjusta, of course. I was too hungry to take photos of the food.

Thinking of running this race next year?


  • OK this won’t be the case next year but it was the day after the Olympic Trials!
  • Point-to-point course that takes you through Hollywood, West Hollywood, down Rodeo Drive, through Brentwood and ends at the ocean
  • Nice medal
  • Good post race snacks (teddy grams, cheez-its, bananas)
  • Easy registration process and you can sign up at the expo
  • If you live in LA, so many familiar faces on the course
  • Ice at the end and lots of cooling towels
  • So much support for ALL runners, new runners, fast runners, slow runners


  • I love my Skechers running shoes, but the apparel at the expo wasn’t great
  • Logistics can be hard for a point-to-point course you’re not from LA and don’t have a bunch of friends willing to drive you around
  • Usually hot
  • Century City/West LA portion of the course SUCKS
  • Traffic in Santa Monica after the race