TFA Summit DC Photo Dump

The LA Marathon weekend is here. Before I overloading this blog with photos from the Olympic Trials (I AM SO EXCITED), the expo, the MARATHON (charity half for me), and the post-party, I had to share photos from our recent trip to DC for the Teach For America 25 Year Anniversary Summit. I would have posted them earlier, but Brent and I got sick. Of course I got sick the week before a race. It’s kinda a new norm. Sore throat. Stuffy nose. Tired and achiness. Boston. NY. Now LA.

I met my Brent in TFA. Together we faced challenges of teaching middle school for the Los Angeles Unified School District. If we can handle starting a relationship as new teachers in urban schools, we can handle whatever challenges life brings us. 

We stayed with Alicia and Jarrod in Alexandria.

I got to take Colby to school on Friday! Was so weird dropping a kid off, rather than being on the receiving end.   

Miles and Colby. I love you SO much.

Nicole, our Talent Coordinator from Equitas, came to DC to spread the word!

Alaina, Ashley, Erica, Sindy, and Gabby. Please stay forever.

Easy morning run to the river.


Saturday morning soccer practice before the summit.   

Practice gave me flashbacks to first day of kindergarten. And why is there a kid in costume?

19,000 alumni!

FullSizeRender (87).jpg
Stopped by Columbia’s Booth. Fun to say hi to staff members.

The ’06/’07 couple.
Maggie and I were buddies at KIPP DC. She’s now in San Fran. We ran many miles together in DC. I can’t wait to go visit her school up north. I love her! 

Hey Chinatown.

Yup. Keep them in the classroom. 
True dat. I remember once telling my roommate Grace “I’d rather run a marathon ever single day for the rest of my life than go teach.” When you’re a new teacher in a challenging urban setting, it’s just SO hard. I don’t miss the panic attacks. The loss of appetite. The anxiety. The crying. Woah, it was rough. Colby calls the Wii Party Showtime.   

Clarifying question, did you backwards plan your unit to make sure it aligns to the SBAC so that you can reflect on the data and make instructional adjustments ensuring truly transformational significant gains so that one day all students have access to high quality education?

Fartleking on a Sunday. 8 X 30 seconds picking up the pace. FullSizeRender (88).jpg

I need to be better about taking photos with Mama, Papa, Alicia and Jarrod. It was so nice spending time with them last weekend.

And HUGE thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal for City of Hope! We’re at nearly $700. Thank you! You can still donate here.Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 8.18.00 PM.png


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