Olympic Marathon Trials 2016

Another photo dump. This time of the trials. I was possibly the most annoying person to hang out with today at the trials. Nerding out about my love for Desi, talking about their training plans, racing strategies, strengths, past race times, etc. I know a little too much about elite marathoning. This is my football. Here are a few of my photos from the day!

Meb was calm, cool, and collected before the race.   

I freaked out when I saw Rupp. He is also insanely tiny. His thighs are the size of my calves.

The controversial coach Salazar of the Oregon Project.

Not sure who this is, but he has cool hair.

They look so calm!  
Ben Bruce.  

Men early in the race. We parked ourselves on Pico and Fig.

The other dynamic duo.

Sara Hall.

Desi and Kara, my faves!  

Women’s pack.

Running buddies.

Meb and Galen. How cool is it to be the person running next to them?

Desi making it look easy. I love her grind it out approach. She’s not cocky, she’s not overly emotional. She just goes out there and runs like hell.

What an inspiration to see so many runners get out there in the heat, and kill it for 26.2, knowing that only the top 3 get to go to Rio. Tomorrow the commoners run. Looking forward to a fun day!