Twenty Awaits! 

Saturday I’m running my first twenty mile run of the training season. If only it was JUST a twenty mile run. A twenty mile Saturday usually means a pretty intense week leading up. Marathon training is all about learning to run fast on worn out legs. This week Michelle is having me run a double run, an 11 tempo with 40 minutes at 10K pace, and lots of easy miles. If only it was an easy week at school. Of course not. After-school meetings Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday a Board Meeting till 8. Not sure how I’ll get all the runs in, but I’m taking Andrea’s advice of going on day at a time. My double run for the week is done. It’s tomorrow’s 11 tempo I’m most nervous about. And if I wanted to run it before school I’d have to start running at 4am. I think I’ll be running after my meeting 🙂

Back to Michelle, she wrote a great post this weekend on not taking easy runs too fast. Check it out! My legs are also tired from a weekend of CELEBRATING ALAINA! Six miles early Saturday morning, twelve hours of Disneyland, and fifteen on Sunday. My legs are getting ready for a marathon.

Alaina’s Birthday weekend was a HUGE success! We successfully surprised her with Kellie coming from Seattle (check out the reveal photo above) and Andrea from Vancouver (her surprise from a closet is above). It was fun being kids for a day and running around the happiest place on earth. Poor Marta was sick with the flu so she couldn’t come. Alaina being the Disney enthusiast she is will probably take Marta for her own personal Disney day. 
We brunched on Sunday after Disney and the fifteen mile run we brunched at Love + Salt in Manhattan Beach. Below is what I call avocado toast. SO not boring, and a perfect recovery meal. Bread, eggs, avocado, salty olives. The restaurant is highly recommended. They were so accommodating to our group of 12, didn’t rush us, and the food was perfect for an Alaina celebration. Italian with Cali inspiration, best enjoyed family style. 

Rosemary English Muffins. Erica ordered these with a side of avocado. Genius.

I stole these photos of the donuts, mushroom pizza, and nutella toast. I was too busy samplying them to take photos. gallery_bombolini_20-_20Love_20__20Salt_20small.jpg


I’m so annoyed for not getting a photo of Andrea, Ellen and I running. Fifteen miles fly by with great company and good conversation. We even determined which one of us was Desi, Shalane, and Cragg. Dork alert. Here is our route and stats. We kept it nice and conversational. The way I like my long runs. FullSizeRender (90).jpg

And a few more photos I’d like for my blog (aka personal journal)…

Their writing is coming such a long way!

    It doesn’t get more Cali than this…

Three Amigos crossing the finish line together.


Ahhh I would love if I could earn the time on the clock on my own. Ellen and I do make a speedy team 🙂


Wish me luck this week. I’ll need it!

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