Train Hard. Race Happy.

The mileage is catching up with me. This is getting kinda hard. 22 miles with 6 middle miles at a 7:10 pace wasn’t easy, especially after all the miles during the week. The taper is near so this is the time to work. I’m dreaming of that incredible racing feeling when it looks effortless. I love that feeling showing up to a starting line with rested legs and going out and just killing it. You’ve gotta train hard so you can race happy. People always say I race with a smile, but trust me, there is a lot of hard work happening behind the scenes.

I love coordinating with my running buddies. Peter and his speedy friend Jill joined Ellen and I for the first 5 yesterday and Bri met us on Ocean and Ocean Park and ran with us until about mile 18. This morning Ellen and I started the day with Rise Nation (check out their awesome patio below), then met Kathy and Gisele for a few miles. I wasn’t as peppy on my runs this week, but 70 mile week, check!

Have I mentioned I’m running the NYC half? It’s just two weeks away! I’m not gonna go crazy on the course. It’s during peak week, so I’m going into the race super tired, but any tips? UANYCH16 RacePageHead Rd7_0.jpeg

Can’t wait to sample this beer post-race.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 11.37.27 AM.pngHere is what’s going on in my non-running world…

At school we celebrated our scholars who are performing on a second grade level in reading. We all crowded in my office and had a pizza party. I love these kiddos and our team of teachers.

Cat in the Hat came to visit Equitas #3 this week! Our parents are the best 🙂

We celebrated Jared’s birthday yesterday at the Staples Center. The Clippers played the Hawks. The Clippers lost, but meh, it was a good time regardless.

Stealing from her instagram. Love being silly with Alaina. Turns out when you run 22 miles you only need one beer to make you a little goofy.

Co-workers and friends for 4 years.

Brent, Mary Ann, Ross and I are about to go to Manhattan Beach Post. Cheddar Bacon Biscuits…yes! Then it’s back to the work week. Runner Cristina becomes Principal Cristina until next weekend 🙂

2 thoughts on “Train Hard. Race Happy.

  1. I’ve got my first 22 miler this weekend and I’m nervous! I can’t believe Boston is so soon…

    As for the NYC Half, my advice was to take it easy in Central Park. Harlem Hill is no joke, and after that there is a series of three mild, but annoying hills on the west side of the park. It is literally all downhill from about mile 6.5, so if you stay smart on the hills in the park, you’ll really be able to hammer it home til the end. Good luck!!

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