NYC Adventures

Just passed Philadelphia and am on my way to DC for the second half of the week. It’s been a great study hall. Getting lots of work done. Nothing like budget planning on a train. It was nice to spend time in New York and not feel rushed. My NY trips are usually jam packed with going to Columbia, running a marathon, or seeing family before heading back on the Sunday night flight. This time I got to spend Saturday-Wednesday in the city, and was able to sleep in, do some school work, go running, and reconnect with friends in the city. Carmen’s baby shower was why I came to NY. I can’t wait to meet my niece in May!

img_3939Monday I stayed at Carmen’s on Hastings-on-Hudson until about 3. I got a bunch of low urgency high impact work done for school and went on an easy run on the aqueduct. After crossing a bunch of things off the to-do list I wandered into the city to see Meredith and Nicole, two friends from my Columbia program. I took the Metro-North to Harlem and walked to Meredith’s school garden at Columbia Secondary School and got to hold chickens and take them for a walk! Nothin like walking a chicken in New York City. It was cool walking around Harlem seeing students with their charter school uniforms. I saw KIPP, Success Academy, and Harlem Children’s Zone students all making their commute home. img_4003-1

Tuesday I slept in again (and by sleep in I mean 6:45), did some lounging on the couch with The Today Show while responding to some work emails, then headed out for a hilly eight miler. Luckily Hastings-on-Hudson has no shortage of hills. I ran super easy because pushing the pace after Sunday’s half early in the week is probably the worst thing I could do in preparation for Boston. Not planning on running fast till Thursday.

FullSizeRender (99).jpg

Getting ready for those Newton Hills. 


Nice change of scenery. 


Tuesday’s hilly run, powered by nutella oatmeal!

I then went to Brooklyn to met up with my good childhood friend Celia. We ran cross country together, and she now just completed the ultimate endurance event. Having a baby! Celia, baby Oscar and I went out for lunch and enjoyed yummy smoked salmon sandwiches at Shelsky’s of Brooklyn on Court Street.




Smoked salmon, scallion cream cheese, whole wheat bagel.


The view from her 44th Floor apartment in Brooklyn. I spot the Statue of Liberty!

I then met back up with Meredith at her community garden to meet her students. It was fun learning about growing kale, garlic, chives, and taking care of chickens from New York kids!

FullSizeRender (100).jpg

Just taking a chicken for a walk.

Needing a little running inspiration? Check out this NYC Half race recap. What I love about distance running is that we get to run the same course as the elites! So crazy to think I was out there while Huddle and 2015 Boston Marathon winner Chepkirui were fighting for 1st at the finish line.


Do I look cold? 

And this morning I got to experience the morning commute to Grand Central with Carmen and Jim. I walked with all my luggage to Penn Station to catch the train to DC. With what happened in Brussels yesterday there was a bunch of extra security. I spy a CNN reporter!

This is my peak running week before the taper for Boston. I feel lucky to have a bit more flexibility with my schedule, and to be running in different places to make it a bit more interesting because at this point in the training cycle my legs are TIRED!

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