DC Days + The Ugly Side

Just landed in LA after my NY/DC trip. With the CCSA Conference in Long Beach the week before I left, it feels like forever since I’ve been home. It was really hard to say bye to the family, but I am happy to be with Brent again.  While I was in DC I ran the monuments, caught up with my KIPP DC friend Kerri who I ran Toronto Marathon with back in 2011, and saw my high-school friend Nicole on her first baby’s due date! I also got to experience the everyday life of the Backous’. Two kids is no joke! Alicia and Jarrod are so hardworking and selfless.

Running wise I didn’t feel great until this morning’s run. It’s my final peak training week, so I just sucked it up. I came across a “Tips for Boston Runners” in the millions of running emails that get sent to me in a given day. It helped put things in perspective.

Women’s Running: What do you see as the biggest mistakes runners make when training for a marathon that causes issues on race day?

Greg McMillan: They don’t run hard when fatigued, tired and mentally sapped. While we can’t exactly replicate the marathon in training, we can use workouts and fueling strategies to create situations where we have to endure suffering. This is critical in marathon preparation. If you are always fresh in training and never forced to run when tired, depleted or mentally drained, then you aren’t prepared for what will inevitably happen on race day. From Women’s Running MagazineSo maybe it’s a good thing I experienced this on Thursday…

Yup, that’s me mid-run sitting on a curb taking a breather. I wish I could say it was an interval workout, but no. It was an easy run. My legs were just tired.

Runners usually only post their moment of glory. Non-runners think it comes so easily, but they don’t see the ugly side of marathon training. They think “we’re such naturals” or “we have endless amounts of energy.” Women’s Running pushes runners to share the selfies showing struggle, dedication, and hard work. They say, When you feel like crap in your training, you’re 100 percent, totally, completely not alone in that, because I feel like crap sometimes too. Read more here.

So here are a few of my unglamorous running moments.

When it started raining on the bus to Hopkinton. 

Another 4:50 alarm clock day.

A little delusional on marathon morning after 3 hours of sleep for 2 nights in a row.

A solo 18 miler I started at 5am before hoping on a plane while training for NY. Snapchatting Alaina for encouragement.

The “prestigious” athlete’s village at Boston. Cold. Scared. Wet. Crowded. Just glamorous.

The opposite from above. HOT 18 miler. Angry, but done!

This is the best I could find on my camera roll. There are many moments I fail to capture. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. But it’s worth it for that moment when you cross the finish line and you realize you ran a 7:30 pace for more than three hours. Nobody can ever take that away from you.

2 thoughts on “DC Days + The Ugly Side

  1. Gracias for the Meguro Park Heights memories. You remember that Papa was in Tokyo for a look and see while I was in Michigan looking for a house, It all worked out,

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