One Week

One week ago I was getting ready to run Boston. One week until Ellen runs Vancouver. I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER! She’s so strong and so ready. I can’t wait to celebrate when she’s back in LA. Gisele celebrated her one week post-Boston by doing something very Gisele. Running another marathon 🙂 Gisele placed third in the female Boston to Big Sur challenge with a combined time of 6:32. I’m so proud to call her my friend!


Check out her awesome prize! I wonder if she noticed it said 3rd place male…

My legs are feeling back to normal. Sticking to my normal running routine, but instead of 20 milers and 8-10 during the week I took a few days off, ran 3s and 4s, and a 10 this weekend. I also broke my Rise Nation PR. Woo! Check Mr. Muscle in the background.    
Love this. Didn’t know Boston could have a sense of humor.

 This is the comfiest sweater. 

I came across this in Runner’s World. Totally passed one of the Tarahumara runners during the race! AND saw Scott Jurek in Athletes’ Village. I bet the Tarahumara thought Boston was cute. With all our water stops and shot block stations. 26.2 was probably their warm-up for many more miles when they got home. 
Alaina being Alaina had our scholars all make me a beautiful poster. It was a nice surprise on Wednesday morning.

Leandro even made me a nice card…

Which made me think of this…

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 7.22.41 PM.png

I’m considering changing my last name to Larry. It would be far less confusing for kids.

This weekend I got to see Lauren, one of my running moms. It’s always so nice to see her. She’s nursing a broken foot and can’t wait to get back on the road running again. When Lauren first started distance running people in her home state of Alabama thought she was crazy. They thought she was even crazier for signing up for the New York Marathon. 35 years ago 14,000 runners signed up for the race, and only 1900 were women. Lauren went on to run Boston and Paris. Lauren’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist, runner, and a great friend. I’ll see her in 2 weeks at her big annual Mother’s Day Celebration for Foster Moms through Foster Care Counts.  IMG_3540.JPG

In other school news I visited our site for next year on Thursday afternoon. Not a bad place to call home before moving into our nice new permanent building in fall of 2017.


Friday morning. Equitas Academy #3 teachers love their Urth Caffe.

Check out this Boston finish line web cam…. At 2:35:43 into the video you can see the man who was carried across the finish line. 2:40:04 same thing. That’s just two of many painful finished. It’s pretty crazy how people push themselves right to the edge. Makes me so grateful I was OK. And check out 3:07:24 for a failed victory jump. Brent and I found that gem while trying to find my finish. I can jump imagine him jumping for a photo opp and screaming “CRAMP CRAMP CRAMP!” I come up on the right just after that.

I’ll leave you with this. Ellen tagged me on it. So true. Nobody wants to be that annoying co-worker who is like “Yeah I ran 10 tempo Friday after work, easy 20 Saturday morning, and a 8 mile recovery run Sunday followed by some yoga to stretch out the legs.” Oh marathon training!IMG_3354.PNG