Delicious Dumplings, Coach Jay + Mother’s Day 

Last weekend I was mad at running. Vague blogging. I wasn’t in the mood to post. Let’s just say it’s annoying when you know someone who does everything right, and things don’t align on race day. But all is well in the world of running again, so I’m back in action with a massive photo dump. More running related posts next weekend. I’m working on a “Cristina’s Thoughts on Downhill Racing” piece. And by working on, I mean nothing has been written but I’m just annoyed with this being a BQ course.Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 6.17.15 PM.png

This weekend Brent, Marta and I went on the Delicious Dumpling Tour of Arcadia with Six Taste. We sampled Taiwanese food and learned all about Taiwanese history and culture. Arcadia is about 50 minutes from Playa del Rey, and is home of the original Michelin rated Din Tai Fung. It was worth the drive. Here is our lovely tour guide at JJ Bakery explaining all the different types of buns.

Buns, buns, and more buns.

Spicy dumplings.   

The fluffiest and most elastic bread.

Din Tai Fung. Worth the hype.
Teaching us how to poke a hole in the dumpling to pour the juice out into our spoon before eating the dumpling whole. We also learned you never pour your own tea.

Not my fav, but shave ice with fruit and coconut milk for dessert.   BOBA (which apparently is not a PC word in Taiwan)! With Aloe Vera chunks and grapefruit juice. Super refreshing after all the food. Oh and super thick white bread, peanut butter, and sweetened condensed milk as a snack.

Beauty supply store. Arcadia style.

I would not have known what to order without the tour. 

I definitely recommend the tour if you’re looking for something different to do in LA. Yeah, you could probably pay for the individual items we got for less than the $60, but it was nice learning more about the culture and history, and I would have probably ordered really safe foods instead of some of the more adventurous and tradition foods our guide recommended. I did feel the tour could have moved a bit faster, but I’m super impatient and always ready for the next thing. Our guide was super friendly, always checking to make sure we were doing OK, and did a great job of answering all our questions. He made a strong effort to connect everyone. They do a bunch of tours across LA, and I picked this one because I wanted to do something different in a part of town I’ve never visited before.

In the Equitas world, it was Staff Appreciation Week. We got SPOILED. Chocolate Fondue…

 Barista in the teacher’s lounge.. 

We even got jello with our faces on it 🙂

unnamed.jpgThank you to our parents and operations team for making it happen.

  It was the perfect week because our 3rd-7th grade students are state testing, so stress is high…

They pumped them up with an awesome Pep Rally. Yup, that’s Jackie who teachers 5th grade at Equitas who I was a former Lululemon Run Club member and who I ran Laguna Hills with two years ago.

The Cheer Squad led by Ms. Barton. 

More pep rally pics…

And totally unrelated, but adorable. Jane saved her paycheck dollars to eat with me. We’re ordering Pizza for lunch tomorrow 🙂

I should probably throw some running in here. Yeah, it rained on Saturday. Only for about an hour. And it had to start during my run. I love running in the rain 🙂
Oh how I love Brent! Malibu last weekend. Oh and this is what I have been working on in response to my nagging hamstring/glute issues. I’ve been intense about doing this at least 5 times in the past week, and it’s working. I was able to run some sub-7 miles with no discomfort on Thursday, and my weekend runs felt 1000 times better. Coach Jay, I don’t know who you are and where you live, but you rock. Search him on youtube for other issues that might be getting in the way of you running your best. Anna, please make sure I do this every night this week.

  Oh! Two more random things. We hired our final first grade teacher!!!! Time to send out bio books and their welcome gifts!
And today I ran into a former student from when I was a Dean at KAO at Foster Care Counts Mother’s Day event. I’m working on trying to manage my curly hair. Don’t judge. Hanniyah wanted me to make sure I told Ms. Pariano was her favorite teacher 🙂 FullSizeRender.jpg

And I’ll leave you with a photo of my beautiful Mama and I. I hope to be just like her when I grow up. 172624_10100387169595843_2662542_o.jpg

3 thoughts on “Delicious Dumplings, Coach Jay + Mother’s Day 

  1. Hi, I am fine so far. Your smile is still the same as I remember when you were little.
    When do you run the Frankfurt-Marathon?

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