Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day from Hastings-on-Hudson! Our weekend started in beautiful LA.

At Verve Coffee Downtown, to be exact. The Equitas Instructional Team, Alaina, and I got a bunch of work done so that we could really enjoy our three day weekend. Juice flight for Alaina and I. I’m not a big juicer. I prefer to chew my nutrients, but this was too pretty to say no to.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.32.13 PM.png

Saturday morning I woke up early, ran a quick four miler before heading on an early flight to Oakland. We spent a day in the bay for Heidi, a good friend of Brent’s, wedding. When in Oakland you have to stop at Blue Bottle. My drink of choice, always the Almond Milk Latte.

Took a quick walk around Oakland while sipping on our $5 lattes.

Next stop, the Cheese Board in Berkeley for lunch. It’s a collective and they offer one veggie pizza on the menu based on what’s looking good at the farmer’s market. Saturday it was corn, cilantro, lime (surprisingly yummy on pizza) and a creamy green dipping sauce. I’d pour that stuff on anything. Apparently everyone loves it. Found a bunch of recipes online.

I love the vibe. You buy your box of pizza, and find standing room with live jazz music.

So Berkeley. 

Then it was time to head up to Sonoma. We changed in the restroom of a winery. Very classy. The wedding was at Kunde Family Estate on top of a big hill. I told Brent if we ever wanted to renew our vows, we might have to do it there. It was perfect. We’re so happy for Heidi and Brett.

Right before the ceremony.  After a few glasses of wine and some food, we headed out to the airport for the red eye. Half a sleeping pill knocked me out for the entire flight. Brent and I ubered to Hastings-on-Hudson to see this beauty! Baby Rexetta 🙂

And to see these crazy boys who came up from DC. 

My Godson and I.

Dinner with the fam.IMG_4914.JPG

Marta wasn’t able to come this weekend, but she facetimed us mid-run. Add it to the list of random things we do while running. Isn’t it normal to respond to work emails while you’re running? Once I think I also stopped by Alaina’s to pick up an onion for my dinner and ran the rest of the way home with an onion in a bag. 

I got out for an 8 miler and ran it at like a 7:10 pace. Running has felt really good lately. I randomly ran this on Tuesday. I think I need to sign up for a race or two. Anyone know of any good 4th of July races in the LA area? Any good halfs coming up? I need your help!IMG_3961.PNG

This afternoon Brent and I went to the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan.

Oh and I have to brag on Gisele. SHE RAN A 2:56 AT MOUNTAINS TO BEACH MARATHON ON SUNDAY. Amazing. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Coolest part is she did it without a watch. She just ran. Oh, and did I mention she is super chill and humble? She doesn’t set goals, she doesn’t follow a precise plans. She just runs. A lot. We first met two years ago running So Cal Ragnar for Back on My Feet. 1525145_10202217506978850_331227091_n.jpg

And have been buddies ever since. We really are going to be old ladies loading the busses to Hopkinton talking about “Remember when we ran Boston back in 2015. We were so young!”1535431_10203163065451164_2614389440299542798_n.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 5.09.08 PM.png

Just a few more hours with Rexetta, Carmen, and Jim before heading back to LA. I’ll leave you with this. National Running Day is June 1st. How are you celebrating? GRD-blog-ftd.jpg


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