Euro Trip + Breaking 40

Brent and I arrived in Paris last night after spending a few days in England. I lived in England for 8 years, all of middle and high school, it’s also where Brent proposed to me. Trafalgar Square to be exact. Here I am with the lions. 

And here we are at together at the scene of the crime. We look so much older now!My favorite thing to do in London is wander. Trafalgar Square, Green Park, Buckingham Palace, Knightsbridge, Fortnum+Mason. I love it all!A trip to England wouldn’t be complete without spending time in Surrey. Just a 20 minute train ride into central London but it looks like this…Here is Brent and Baby Zach on a little country walk. It was so nice to spend the weekend with Jackie and Alex at their home in Guildford and to see them as parents.My childhood home in Woking, Surrey.Guildford High Street and Castle.

And what running looks like in Surrey. Always wet. British food has a bad reputation?A few more of my favorites…dough balls from Pizza Express, prawn cocktail crisps, and the Cornish Pasty.

Before leaving for England and Paris I ran the Laguna Niguel 4th of July 10K and finished under 40 minutes. Was so annoyed with my previous 40:00 finish that I had to try again.
It was one of the most best 10Ks I’ve run. Great festive environment and I felt smooth and controlled. I paced myself perfectly for a sub-40 run, and of course am now excited to chip away at the time.When you run a 10K 5K combo race and you all start and finish at the same time 🙂  Buggies and kiddos making their way to the finish too.And I’ll leave you with possibly the best photo from the trip. Discovered while watching the Euro Cup finals on Sunday night. Last year we went on a Southeast Road Trip  with Jackie and Alex. While we were in Pensacola Alex saw the bing maps vehicle drive by and managed to pull off this beauty. Nicely done sir.

Blogging on an iPhone is no fun. I’ll be back with updates from Paris!

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