The Teacher Life

Week 1 at Equitas Academy #3 is over! FullSizeRender.jpg

It was an exhausting week, but so rewarding. We love our new scholars and their families! Here we are at 7:00 am on the first day of school greeting our scholars at the gate. Can you guess the first grade line vs. the kindergarten line? Those kinder babies look a little scared.

We tried to plan for everything. Of course somethign always goes “wrong.” Dismissal was a mess, but by Friday we came up with a smooth system.

Last weekend we did our final Target run for snacks and backpack bins (that we learned DON’T fit all their backpacks).

We also picked up our pajama day outfits .

Week one is all about teaching routines. Check out this awesome line. A beautifully straight line is the key to my heart.

We also teach Equitas cheers and chants.

And teach our scholars the importance of washing their hands. Our scholars may have developed a fear of green glitter.

By Friday we were getting a little loopy and tired. Lily’s outfit was poppin.

I mostly ate Mendocino Farms couscous for dinner while doing all the work I wasn’t able to do during school hours. I did manage to make pizza by Thursday night. Turns out grilled corn and mushrooms on pizza is good.

And made Shalane’s fish tacos Friday night. The mango avocado salsa was yummy, but the cod I bought wasn’t the greatest quality. Gonna splurge next time. 

I’m never too busy to run. Last weekend Gisele, Ellen, and I hit up Palos Verdes. It’s so beautiful there. On Monday I ran to Venice beach before heading to school for final preparations. The guy on the right was getting greased up. Big labor day competition at Muscle Beach.

And Tuesday I did a bit of a tempo run. I haven’t been running tempo runs for a few weeks because I’ve been doing this whole “run whatever you feel like with no pressure” plan. Every once in a while I’ll pick it up for a mile or so, but I haven’t done speed in a while. Tuesday after-school I needed speed. It was one of those days. I ran 4 minutes easy 4 minutes hard. It was exactly what I needed.

FullSizeRender.jpg      FullSizeRender2.jpg

And today I ran an easy 4 because I won an entry to Ventura half tomorrow. Brent and I are going to Taco Maria for dinner tonight. It’s #2 on the Jonathan Gold list, and it’s a prix fixe meal. About to find out what Mexican food does to my stomach at a half. I can’t be too upset if it doesn’t go well, and I’m not about to change my dinner plans for 13.1. I’m definitely going to try tomorrow and treat it like a hard tempo, but I honestly can’t be mad if it doesn’t go beautifully. Best case scenario, I learn that tacos and margaritas are my go-to foods the day before a race. Time to get ready for dinner 🙂

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