And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Crazy how one day I’m running a sub-3 marathon…img_5504.png

And the next day it’s back to this…

I love it though 🙂 That’s our future astronaut presenting his solor system model he made just for fun. Not a project or anything, he was just curious. Things are really starting to fall into place and I am so happy at work. If you like delayed gratification, work in lower elementary. September is rough, but once the kids get the routine, it keeps getting smoother. I don’t take being happy at work for granted because there were so many years where I felt so anxious and stressed at school. I always knew I was doing important work, but I didn’t always have fun during school hours. On Friday Alaina was in Philly for a wedding, and she was sending me a bunch of photos from her trip. It was strange to actually feel happy for her and not completely envious that she wasn’t at work.

Here are our scholars making models of the brain with play-doh as their choice learning activity. 

And our 1st graders participating in outdoor yoga.

We work hard and have fun at EQ3. Friday scholars earned free dress if they had been on-time and present for two weeks straight.

The chick magnet shirt is the BEST!


With marathon recovery comes lots of time for cooking! I’m proud of this beauty. It’s essentially my Mama’s picadillo but with rainbow carrots, spinach, and murasaki sweet potatoes. Made a huge batch and will be using it for nachos tonight and tacos during the week.

I also invented this meal, and it turned out pretty well. Spaghetti squash roasted then sauteed with pesto, spinach, and sausage. As far as running goes, who know what’s next. I’m cutting the milage for a bit, and I’m thinking about trying to run a faster 5K or 10K. Who knows! For Long Beach I didn’t have a strict plan, and that seemed to work well for me…so we’ll see what happens.

And did anyone see this? img_5509.png Crazy fast!