Why I’m not an InstaRunner.

If I posted all my runs on instagram you’d be unimpressed. My marathon training is slow and boring. Leading up to Boston I’d often do double runs, struggling to maintain a 8:45 pace in the mornings. It was probably because the evening before I’d done an 8 miler after a long day at work. Principal hours should be calculated towards milage. These runs were mentally exhausting, mimicking the fatigue one might feel in the final miles of a marathon.

Nothing is impressive about the following runs leading up to my 2016 Boston Marathon.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 8.12.15 PM.png

None of those three runs were worth posting on instagram. I probably wasn’t wearing a cute outfit. I probably wasn’t super pumped and excited. I definitely had nothing to brag about in regards to pace.

But they led to this. 0028.jpg

Before Long Beach I looked back at my Garmin runs in hopes of being motivated to believe I could run hard and sustain a steady pace. Instead what I found was a bunch of 8:30 paced runs. Maybe twice a week I’d push it and throw in some mileage in the 6s. I basically never ran in the 7 minute mile range. It was either fast or easy. Never that middle zone. Rather than freaking myself out and running a bunch of unnecessary milage in the 6:50 range in the week before the race when I had decided to go for it, I just tapered. I trusted the importance of logging easy milage and getting rest before the race.

I think runners feel pressure to impress others with their instagram posts. I wonder if them feeling the need to show off their pace ultimately hurts their race performance. I’ll admit I question my ability when I see runners with slower PRs rocking their mid-week runs and pushing the pace when I’m just trucking along in the 8 minute mile range. I don’t post every time I run for many reasons, but one of them is because I don’t want to feel like I have to go faster than what feels easy on any given day. Maybe I got 6 hours of sleep, ran around my school for 13 hours, and came home to run 6 miles barely under a 9 minute mile pace. I’ve learned to be OK with that and to trust in easy milage (thank you Gisele). I encourage other runners to resist the urge to compare, and to stay loyal to the easy run. Recognize that easy one day may have a completely different different pace from another.

Ok ok I’m done rambling about running. I was just starting to feel like all my posts were a bunch of pictures of cute EQ3 scholars and wanted to share some food for thought. I will leave you with a few photos of what’s happening in life. Last week we had Fall festival at EQ3 🙂 The day before I went to the First Girl I Loved Movie Premier. On Thursday I witnessed the best warrior 2 I’ve ever seen in 1st grade yoga. Saturday we ran to the top of inspiration point with the Nike Run Club Santa Monica.

Until next time.

3 thoughts on “Why I’m not an InstaRunner.

  1. Yes, all of this!

    I’all admit, I do post my workouts to Instagram, but mostly just my workouts, not my easy or recovery runs. When I do post workouts, I try to be transparent. I don’t just say I ran at X pace, I say I ran at my lactate threshold pace or half marathon pace to explain the benefit of the workout. The rest of the week though? I’m with you in the 8:30-9:00 min/mi range. You can’t run your workouts really and truly hard if you are wiped out from your “easy” runs!

    • Yes, I think that’s what many runners don’t understand. Taking is super easy on most of your runs will give you the energy to really push it on your tempo and speed workouts. Have any races coming up!?

      • I’m slowly building back up right now, and that means all my miles are super easy! I’m hoping to get back to workouts and racing soon though!

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