Joy Y’all

The first week of winter break has come to an end. The last day of school was less than idea. Gabby had planned an outdoor Winter Wonderland Festival. We’re not used to this much rain in California. This was the outdoor scene. Our building wasn’t in much better shape. Two of our seven classrooms were leaking from the ceiling. IMG_5974.JPGOne of our scholars also had a particularly rough day. I’ll leave it vague and say he was being very unsafe and required my 100% attention all day so I wasn’t able to help with the rain plan. It was chaotic with parents, kids, behavior, rain. Cecilia managed to keep the joy alive at dismissal. Gotta love a snowman with a walkie.  img_5981.jpgAfter a long, easy meditative run I put on a pretty dress and threw on some jewelry and had dinner with Brent, Cecilia, and Oscar at n/naka. It was 13 courses of Japanese perfection. We got a photo with Niki Nakayama (Chef’s Table star) after the meal. It was 12:30 AM, way past my usual bedtime. IMG_6075.JPGSaturday afternoon Ellen and I hit up the Staples Center for some ice-skating.

Staples Center.jpg

And Sunday afternoon when our flight was cancelled and we had no food left in the house, we HAD to go to The Tripel for lunch. That’s the Bad Santa Ale with some blue cheese, marinated shrimp, and gigante beans.

This week I split my time between Oklahoma and Texas to see Brent’s family. The week consisted of gift giving, looking at old photos, croissant making, drivers ranging, and a little bit of running. Speaking of old photos, Brent obviously gets his goofiness from his dad. See collage below πŸ™‚ img_6051.jpgAnd Cary bought be the best Christmas gift, a mega speaker. It’ll definitely be used during arrival and lunch line up. Oh and OK Runner, Brent was in need of new running shoes so we stopped by there. Wow they were friendly. I’ve got a free entry to the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon if I want it. Too bad it’s two weeks after Boston 😦 It’s definitely on the list.

I hope my kids are this cute! Baby Brentford πŸ™‚ img_6052-1.jpg

On vacation it can be tough to fit running into the schedule. My best run of the week was on the hotel treadmill in Oklahoma on Wednesday afternoon before dinner at Mahogany Steakhouse. I had planned on running progression six miles starting at a 7:30 pace, but after six miles knew I had more in me. The run turned into eight miles with each mile 15 seconds faster than the previous. 7:30-7:15-7:00-6:45-6:30-6:15-6:00-5:45. I love progression runs on a treadmill. They help teach you a pace, and make it a bit more interesting.

And I’ll leave you with this photo Peter has from Long Beach. He purchased all his race pics with one of those Black Friday marathon foto dealios, and here we are when the half marathon met up with the full marathon in the final mile of the race. Can you tell who is on mile 12 and who is on mile 25?LongBeachMarathon.jpg

Happy Holidays!

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