Precision Running Lab

This morning I visited the Precision Running Lab in Santa Monica. I am so grateful for the opportunity! Kathy hooked me up with a guest pass and signed me up for the SoulCycle of running. This is David Siik, Founder of Precision Running at Equinox.

26jpTREADMILL2-master675.jpgIn preperation for Boston I’ve started doing speed on the treadmill. I’ve sucked it up and done track before, but I’m just not a fan of running on a track. Ellen and I have done speed on the road, but it’s tough because you’re so focused on footing (especially in the winter when it’s dark) and you’re looking at your watch trying to gage the pace. It’s hard to get quality interval training. The road is better for a tempo.

On Wednesday Ellen and I ran side-by-side on the treadmill. We did a mile warm-up followed by 3 x (0.5, 0.4, 0.3, 0.2 miles) with half a mile recovery in-between sets. That’s 4.2 miles of faster running, and I ran a range between 9.7 and 10.0. I was kinda sad the treadmill didn’t go faster 😦 The LA Fitness gym we ran in was STEAMY. We were so sweaty at the end of the workout.

Today I did the Precision Running class as part of my long run. We programmed our treadmills with a recovery pace and a PR pace. The class started with a short warm-up followed by 60 seconds on and 60 seconds off gradually increasing the pace. We then took a bit of recovery then did another set focused in increasing recovery speed and maintaining the fast pace (mine was at a 9.5). For the last set we maintained that faster recovery pace (mine was 8.0) and working towards a PR pace (11.0 for me). It was super easy to navigate the intervals with this fancy Woodway treadmill.IMG_1687.JPG

What I loved most about this workout is that it’s perfect for all runners. We were constantly reminded that “If you’re in this room you are a runner.” It’s a great way to do speed with your friends but specific to what you need. It’s also just nice to set a treadmill, feel a pace, and hang on. The energy in the class is great, but this is definitely something you can try on your own. It’s nice having an instructor tell you exactly what to do, but you can easily create your own interval workout and do it on the treadmill. David posted this workout on Women’s Health.


Thanks again Kathy for the experience. It was so much fun! Now I just need to find a way to afford this membership so I can go again….


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