On the Road Again

Merry Christmas from Oklahoma!  I’m currently passing the time as we drive back from Tulsa to Dallas. Nothing to kill the time like blogging on your iPhone ūüôā Monday Brent and I flew into Dallas from LA. My usual stomach of steel has been failing me as a principal at an elementary school. I didn’t get it as bad this time around, but Sunday during my run my stomach started to feel a little queezy. I thought it was all the wine I had at a Christmas party on Saturday night, but turns out 4 EQ3 staff members spent the weekend with the stomach flu. Luckily my appetite was back to normal by Christmas! Corn casserole, where have you been all my life? Creamed corn, butter, and ritz cracker. Genius idea!Tuesday we spent some time with Brent’s Grandma in Mesquite, Texas. Check out Brent’s grandfather on the right. Looks JUST like Brent.   And the Lowry brothers as little kiddos. When in Dallas we always hit up the Blue Mesa Grill for Tex-Mex. Love those sweet potato chips.    Wednesday morning we drove up to Oklahoma City to spend time with Brent’s dad and his wife Cary. As part of their tradition we had Japanese Hibachi on Christmas Eve. And played lots of Mexican train.   Brent and Ross doing some thoughtful last minute shopping.I’ve been able to keep up with my plan Michelle wrote for me this week! Did the most mentally challenging interval workout with a bunch of 200s on Wednesday (my legs were not designed to sprint), did a few easy miles in Dallas, and ran long-ish here in Oklahoma around Lake Hefner (not named after Hugh) Here I am listening to Serial on my Christmas run around the lake. Michelle rewrote my plan for the week after my Sunday stomach incident and took off some of the mileage. It’s nice having someone help with the training plan when life happens.   On the way out of Tulsa we stopped by Carmichael’s for some brittle and pecan so. The pecans smell so fresh when you walk into the store.    And here we are “visiting” as the Okies and Texans say, with cousin Kristina and her two kiddos. Yup, we’re smack in the middle of America.  We’ll be back in Dallas in about 4 hours. Hoping to sneak in an easy 5 miler this evening. I go a little crazy sitting for this many hours. Tomorrow will be the Christmas celebration with the Winkler side of the family, then it’s Cancun on Monday morning!  



Over the past few weeks I’ve been disciplined about writing in¬†my gratitude journal. While I drink my coffee in the morning I take note of five things I am¬†especially grateful for from the previous day. It might be gratitude for¬†time with family, gratitude for the Equitas team, gratitude for running injury free, or even gratitude for an awesome peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This past weekend I didn’t post my regular Sunday afternoon post because¬†Brent and I had to take a sudden trip to Dallas for his grandfather’s funeral. Funerals are never fun, but having the time to re-connect with family, share¬†stories and celebrate life is priceless. This past weekend there were no trail runs, no Lululemon, just a few lousy miles on a treadmill because it’s already¬†90+ degrees in Dallas. I didn’t get my running fix, but it¬†didn’t matter. I left the weekend with tremendous gratitude for life, health and family. I have so much to be thankful for in my life.¬†I’ll be back with more this weekend.