Building Lasting Change + Last Week’s Runs

I love The Today Show. I stream it every morning while I’m eating breakfast and drinking coffee (Brent and I got rid of cable in the spring). A few days ago I watched a segment on Drive Change, an organization that trains, hires and empowers young people coming out of prison by preparing them to work with one of their food trucks. How awesome!? Delicious food and social justice! It’s always nice to hear about something positive happening in the world. Click on the photo below to learn more about Drive Change, and the work they are doing in New York City. Sign up to follow The Restless Runner before Sunday 11/16 and I’ll donate $1 on your behalf. I love learning about organizations building lasting change.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 7.32.38 AM

Homeboy Industries here in Los Angeles has a similar mission to Drive Change. It has has been around for 25 years supporting formerly gang involved and the previously incarcerated, by offering hope, training and job skills. Some of their businesses include the Homeboy Bakery, Homegirl Café & Catering, Homeboy Farmers Markets, and even the Homeboy Cafe & Bakery in the American Airlines terminal at Los Angeles International Airport. The also offer services such as tattoo removal, mental health services, domestic violence service and legal support. Click on the photo below to learn more. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 7.36.03 AM

Now for random pictures from the week. Last Wednesday our Social Studies teacher, Arbin, organized Korean BBQ Night at Hae Jang Chon Restaurant in Koreatown. If you live in LA, GO, and bring an appetite. At school I have been covering PE class for the 5th graders. Poor kids are running lots of laps and doing lots of squats. Check them out in the photo below! A bunch of us spent Saturday afternoon at Zuma Beach boogie boarding and surfing. Afterwards Brent, Ross and I headed over to Agoura Hills for Friendsgiving with Brent’s old family friends. I made this Pecan Hazelnut Bourbon Pie for dessert.(Note: do not make the pie and stick in a 85 degree car for 3 hours. It will taste like scrambled eggs). I made it again Sunday night to bring to a staff potluck. MUCH better second time around. I also got my official Boston Marathon confirmation in the mail. Woo hoo!photo (32)

As far as running goes, Ellen and I are running the Canyon City Half Marathon in a week, so this next week should be pretty low key. Looking forward to cooler racing weather and a slightly downhill course.

Here’s what I ran last week:

  • Monday: Four Mile Run with Back on My Feet
  • Tuesday: MDR Track Club (3 x 300, 4 X 800,  2 X 200)
  • Wednesday: Three Mile Run
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Four Mile Run with Back on My Feet
  • Saturday: Ten Mile Run ALONE in Playa. I RARELY run alone!
  • Sunday: Eight Mile Run at Lululemon