The Easy Long Run

Happy Friday! Lately I’ve been working on setting a purpose for every run rather than just running a bunch of random miles. My schedule was a little thrown off this week because I was in Palm Springs for work, but in general I’ve been running easy on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and harder on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It lets me recover from hard workouts and gives me a nice rest day in the middle of the week. One thing I know I need to work on is making my long runs slower. Did you hear that Marta and Ellen!? We’re running too fast on Saturdays! I often feel anxious to get my long runs done, but Saturday we ran at about an 8:15 pace, which was probably OK for 13 miles, but tomorrow we’re running 15 which feels like real marathon training because we’re going further than a half. Running slow may seem like a dumb idea. Shouldn’t you run fast to get fast? Well….yes…but the purpose of the long run is to build endurance, not speed. The long run is about getting time on your feet, not getting faster. Tempo runs teach you to run your marathon pace. Every few weeks you can finish the last few miles of your long run at marathon pace, but in general it should feel easy. I question my ability to run my marathon pace every time I line up for a race. At San Diego in 2013 I remember thinking “There is NO way I can run a 8 minute mile pace for 26.2. All my long runs have been around 9.” The stars really do align on race day if you train right and taper properly. Apparently Meb runs 80% of his miles easy! So what’s the harm in running your long run too fast? You essentially sabotage upcoming workouts. Your tempo will suffer so you won’t get that valuable marathon pace practice and you put yourself at more risk injury. So tomorrow, ladies, let’s shoot for more like a 8:45 pace. Our quicker recovery time and higher quality runs next week will make it well worth it 🙂

Last Week’s Workouts:

  • Monday: Five Mile Run in Palm Springs (8:12 Average Pace)
  • Tuesday: Six Mile Run in Palm Springs (8:05 Average Pace)
  • Wednesday: Six Mile Tempo with RunMDR (7:05 Average Pace)
  • Thursday: Six Mile Run with Marta in West Hollywood (Too lazy to go check the pace)
  • Friday: YOGA!

In other news…

Ahh the Parker in Palm Springs is AMAZING! Beautiful grounds, relaxing pool, sunny skies, and dry heat. The perfect venue to re-energize and get excited about the upcoming school year. This year’s Equitas theme is ELEVATE!


FullSizeRender (43)

I came across this on instagram and loved it. Reminds me of what my sister Alicia always says. “Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.”

IMG_1127Going to Palm Springs? Eat at Workshop Kitchen + Bar. Start at the bar with a Palm Springer and try the lentils with crispy goats cheese, the tartine and the veggie market enchiladas. I felt so spoiled.

interior-1FullSizeRender (43) FullSizeRender (45) FullSizeRender (44) lWish us luck with our 15 miler tomorrow 🙂 Excited to re-fuel at Gracias Madre!

Back to Reality

Happy Easter! Spring break is coming to an end. Brent and I got back late last night from our Southeast road trip with Jackie and Alex. Jackie and I have been friends since fifth grade. We were Girl Scouts and Cross Country buddies at our school in England. Not sure why I have this on my phone, but here we are our senior year minutes before our final Cross Country Championships in Paris. Yeah, we’re fancy like that…running races in Paris.

photo 2 (7)

Jackie and I were bridesmaids in each other’s weddings and have vacationed together despite living so far apart (she’s still in England). Jackie was a part of my engagement story, a story I am too lazy to re-type. She took our legendary engagement shot in Trafalgar Square. We met last week in Mobile, Alabama and in six days covered Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee. I love a good road trip! Jackie and Alex are working their way up to Ohio to visit her extended family. We spent our first two days relaxing in the Gulf. Californians have a snobby attitude towards Florida, but the beaches were beautiful. White sands, warmer water, beach bars and fresh seafood. It was the perfect way to start our mini-road trip.

photo 1 (5)

After two days on the Gulf, we drove to New Orleans with a stop in Biloxi, Mississippi for a quick gamble and no luck. Here we are crossing borders making use of our selfie stick.

photo 1 (7) photo 2 (9)

The bulk of our trip was in New Orleans. It is such a fun city!!!! I loved the vibe. Snobby beer, good music, hipster food, warm weather. Totally my style. We stayed at a beautiful Airbnb apartment in the French Quarter (check out Brent in our living room above). If you haven’t tried Airbnb, use it. It’s much cheaper and you get way more space and great locations. We immediately hit Bourbon Street when we got there. It’s kinda like Vegas, you have to go knowing it’s going to be completely ridiculous. Grab a drink and wander around the street. Amazing people watching. That night we got some meh po-boys for dinner (go to Killer Po-Boy if you’re in town….so MUCH better) and ate dessert at Cafe Du Monde. The beignets are worth the hype. The next two days consisted of morning runs around the city, exploring the Garden District (super cute neighborhood with amazing restaurants and shops), visiting the WWII Museum, Jazz at Preservation Hall, and a “fancy” meal at Cochonphoto 2 (8)

We ended our trip in Memphis. As soon as we got there we immediately hit up Central BBQ for the best BBQ in Memphis. That pulled pork sandwich covered in BBQ sauce…drool. We met up with Singer/Songwriter Award Winning Lanita Smith at Central BBQ who I worked with at KIPP. She was in town visiting family and working on a documentary of her life. It’s only a matter of time before she’s super famous. Lanita is so talented and so humble. Memphis highlights included running into a Memorial Service for MLK at the Lorraine Motel where he was assassinated, listening to blues on Beale Street, visiting Graceland (home of Elvis+Elvis propaganda center) and the strangest duck march tradition at The Peabody Hotel. They have a daily ceremony where ducks come down their elevators and march down a red carpet to a fountain where they spend the day, then at 5PM they march back upstairs. It was so weird. Go see it if you’re ever in Memphis. Oh, and check out the weird postcard I found at the Elvis shop. It was a Spanish Omelette Recipe with his creepy picture. So strange. photo 1 (6)

Call me crazy, but on vacation I love a good run in the morning before starting my day. I covered lots of ground last week, running along the Gulf and the Mississippi River. It was a calm and quiet way to start my day. With all my long hard runs behind me, I was able to enjoy running without the stress of training for Boston (WHICH IS 2 WEEKS AWAY!!!!) Check out Ellen’s post on running while traveling.

photo 3 (5)

Today in LA I celebrated Easter with a morning beach run with these fasties and a dip in the ocean afterwards.

photo 2 (6)

Followed by church and brunch at Gracias Madre with my favorite buddies.

photo 3 (4)

Tomorrow it’s back to work and back to reality. Although I love being happy about going back to work. I’m excited to get back to planning for Equitas #3! Have a great week.