One Month Later

A month ago I was on a flight back to Los Angeles after running the New York Marathon. November was an interesting month. I’ve never been the sick kid, but I managed to get a cold and a week later got the stomach flu. I ran random miles and did very little foam rolling (which I am regretting after today’s track workout). November was pretty blah. I didn’t feel like my energetic self. The month ended on a high with Thanksgiving in Michigan, and going into December I’m feeling re-energized, re-inspired, and ready to run! Here I am with the fam in Michigan 🙂

After four restful days in Michigan, Brent and I got back to LA late Saturday night. Sunday morning we made the trip to Home Depot to buy our first Christmas tree. Baby steps. We’re starting with a 4 footer.

December means it’s also officially advent calendar time! Alaina and I make one every year and here’s what we have planned for the 2015 season. FYI the hot model is a drink at Playa Provisions. We’re not going shopping or aspiring models. All are welcome to join in on the fun!

FullSizeRender (82).jpg

And December is also a birthday month in the Lowry family. Brent turns the big 3-2 tomorrow. We’re celebrating at Providence, the #1 Jonathan Gold restaurant. I can’t wait!

And in MAJOR running news, Alaina being the BEST gift giver in the world and the most thoughtful person ever gifted me a personalized running training plan from one of my favorite bloggers, The Runner’s Plate. I get prescribed workouts with specific paces based on past performance and strength training routines. Super exciting! Alaina’s exact words were “It’s about time you have someone pushing YOU!” I can’t wait to share my progress and I’m hoping to be challenged. Finished with day 2 today!

I’ll leave you with the most ridiculous email I got from LAUSD today.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.21.33 AM.png

I’m not quite sure what’s dangerous about this temperature.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.55.06 PM.png

Thinking about calling tomorrow to tell them I need assistance.


They say being grateful leads to a happiness. Studies suggest that those who regularly express their gratitude sleep better, get along better with others, are physically healthier, and achieve more. At Equitas Academy #3 we don’t simply teach our scholars to say thank you, but we work with them to reflect on all positive they have in their life. On Sunday evenings as I’m getting ready for the week I reflect on my goals from the previous week, set goals for the upcoming week, and identify something I am especially grateful for. Here is what’s been on the list lately.

I’m grateful for Playa del Rey. I love my easy-going beach community.


I’m grateful for my school. I love going to work, I love the teachers I work with, and I’m thankful for our supportive families. I finally feel like I’ve found my home in education.

I’m grateful for watchless November! Although it’s starting to drive me crazy running aimlessly with no goal, I know it’s good for me 🙂

I’m grateful for Brent. He is so supportive of my career, my goals, loves to travel, shares my love for my family. I’m so lucky to have him! 

I’m grateful for PRs in the marathon, 10K, and half marathon this year. I’m ready for more, but I’m not sure how many PR years I have left in me so I’m soaking it in while I can. I’m also thankful for enjoying the journey with my running buddies.


I’m grateful for my best friend, Alaina. I wouldn’t where I’m at in my career right now without her.

I’m grateful for my Godson, Colby. I love him so much! img_0529.png

I’m grateful for my sisters. They’re all so successful and such strong role models.


I’m grateful for my parents. I hope to raise my kids in the way they raised me.


At times I feel undeserving of everything I’ve been given in life. I aspire to serve others in the way I’ve been served. What are you most thankful for this year?


Thanksgiving in Oklahoma!

Good Morning from Oklahoma!photo (35)Brent and I celebrated Thanksgiving in Oklahoma (smack in the middle of America) with Brent’s side of the family. Brent’s dad David, an enthusiastic Restless Runner reader requested an Oklahoma running review. I didn’t do much running, mostly resting and eating. It was much needed! 

Brent and I did wake up early on Thanksgiving morning to run the Edmond Turkey Trot 5K. It was 27 degrees, INSANELY cold for weak Californian. Shorts and a thin long sleeve didn’t quite do the job. My fingers were SO FROZEN. I managed a smile in the pictures above, but my race motto was “I’m freezing. I can’t feel my legs.” Because I didn’t make it to track on Tuesday night, I took it as a hard tempo run. I finished in just over 20 minutes. Not a PR but I did manage to place, and Brent insisted on wearing my race medal all day. Check him out below. He ran a strong effort, averaging under 7 minute miles. We probably should have dressed like the people in the pictures. gloves and pants.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 7.09.42 AMThe Thanksgiving spread at the Lowry house was top notch. I was introduced to Corn Casserole. Much like Green Bean Casserole but with corn and ritz crackers. I couldn’t stop eating it, which made sense when Cary gave me the recipe. The topping is ritz crackers coated with a stick of butter. I love that she didn’t find the recipe on Pinterest, but it’s written on a family recipe card.

photo (51) Whenever Brent and I are in Oklahoma we like to run in Mitch Park. It’s a 2.75 mile loop (I wish they would just round it up to 3 miles). The loop is fairly flat, but super windy. I love the trees, a nice change of pace from my beach route in LA. We ran 4 miles at Mitch Park on Friday morning before heading to breakfast. Cary then treated me to a mani, pedi and massage. AHHH it was amazing. My poor calves were so tight. Thank you Cary! We then went out for sushi before going to the Thunder Game downtown. After the game Ross, Brent and I went out for drinks and appetizers in Bricktown. My beer snob self was very impressed with the selection at TapWerks Ale House.

mitchMitchParkMapBrent and I planned on running this morning, but are drinking coffee (with awesome Italian Sweet Cream), watching the news and hanging out with family before we fly back to LA instead. You can’t let running take over your life. Soon it will be back to work, back to reality, back to the grind. Oklahoma, we’ll see you soon!

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